Honey…I’m home

It has been a long time away. Figuring out what comes next and navigating this very interesting life of:

mundane, craziness, bill paying, family dramas, retrenchment, new businesses, new house, new pet, old pet, 20th wedding anniversary, son learning to drive, daughter finding her wings, washing, scrubbing, diet, too much chocolate, too little chocolate, budgets, politics, cringing at the state of South African affairs, the rand dollar exchange, weeding, sleeping, insomnia, learning, studying, discovering, apologising, forgiving, laughing, crying, meeting new people, saying goodbye, drinking coffee (too many cups), running out of socks (so many without pairs?), dreaming, being practical, washing the car, cuddling a bunny, painting my toenails, reading new books, sweeping, mopping, folding the laundry and the list goes on.

I do believe it’s called life and mine seems to have gotten in the way of my writing… well it is time to revive the old call to write and talk about those French lessons so many of us attend but never seem to apply.

Here it is – I feel like I am back from a long, long journey. Happy to be back. Not sure where to start with the unpacking but loving the comfort of an old familiar place called home.

Bon jour mon amis




  1. Bonjour Michelle! Comment ca vas? We missed you! Welkom terug! I trust all is well with you and yours,Mich. Damn,you sound so grown up, listing all your daily chores. C’mon in and sit thee down – would you like tea or coffee or perhaps a glass of that delicious SA wine? You gotta tell us all the scoop and dirty details of what’s happening. For instance did you know that Belinda got herself a Jaguar and now teases all the young men with her waves and blonde hair and Jaguar, as she shuttles her kids back and forth to school in style. Stuff like that in your life – we have to hear all about it. 😀

    1. Hahahaha! Paul – you cheeky bugger!! Though…yes it is rather fun teasing the young men (and the not so young!) 😉 However recently – I replaced the red shiny Jaguar with a more economical vehicle – a blue one actually. I dont recall mentioning the Jag here on WordPress?? Ah well – I guess someone must have seen me with it. 😉 The man has the Jag now. (shorter journey)- Hey, at least I got a small (although brief)taste of the Elite life – terribly pretentious of me, but MY GOSH could that thing drive baby!

      SO MICHELLE!!! HELLOOOOO. All the way over there in my home country. Know what, I SO know what you mean about this being home. It really is missed for me when I am not visiting. which I have not done much of lately… been a bit tied up with similar things – LOVE the way you formed that section – I did have a giggle 😀

      1. Trust Paul to figure out all your secrets hey…
        And as you know Miss B – that section could be a thesis but we had to just nip it in the bud for the readers sake eh.

        I look forward to spending much time bantering here in the comments section.

    2. Oh my I have missed so much fun happenings! Belinda a jag nogal! Eish.
      Paul – I think I will opt for the wine and perhaps later the tea with just a dash of milk.
      It is so good to be back on the horse again.

      Thank you for the welcome!

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