Lesson 46: Contemplating life

[kon-tuh m-pley-shuh n, -tem-] noun

  1. the act of contemplating; thoughtful observation.
  2. full or deep consideration; reflection: religious contemplation.
  3. purpose or intention.
  4. prospect or expectation.

Ben EarwickerI realised today that I have been a deep space of contemplation for the last 5 weeks, maybe more. Today I have been in contemplation. With purpose and intention I have been considering the past events of the last 6 months or so of our existence here on this planet. It is deep, I know but it is also necessary. So many of us live in a deep space of denial and without intention move forward day by day, neither reflecting on or thoughtfully observing the meaning of what has transpired in our days. Today I contemplated the meaning and depth of two heart moving stories: Story One – Family C A beautiful, giving family has been fostering a character of a little man, let’s name him Solomon, he already looks like a little old man full of wisdom and advice. Solomon was given to this family he was a days old just three months ago. Today they released him to his new parents. Their season in his life has now come to an end. Their love, affection and care has undeniably given him a foundation that he may never truly consider as he grows up with his new family but it is there, indelibly stamped into his make-up and will have purpose and intention in his destiny to come. This is their hope. Baby feetA bitter-sweet moment as one family releases their somewhat temporary but no doubt defined, right to a son. Story Two – Family S A mother of 4 loses her baby boy after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Her hope of nurturing this little life and cradling him in her arms dissolved in a matter of moments. Not of her choice but taken, for reasons no-one can fully determine. Her love for him no less, only more now as she relinquishes the son which she has focused on so intently for the last 20 weeks, his life in hers. For those precious 20 weeks she knew him and him her. This life-changing moment as a family loses a son, a release not chosen by them. Now, only the hope of a future destiny in realms outside of theirs, with his Maker, his King, a destiny beyond this world’s rings somberly true.   We live in our own space, in our own time, moving past others, not knowing their pain, their trauma or their worries. We so often focus on what isn’t going right with our lives, what we lack and what we cannot find. We complain and fuss and sometimes cry about things that don’t go our way. And sometimes we forget… We forget what we have. We look past what we have been given in every new day. Can we just stop and contemplate… Contemplate on what has been good. What we have received. Our daily bread, the blessings we have forgotten about, the miracles we have long since celebrated. Can we remember that as we take our children to school, finish the chore of homework and scold them for leaving their clothes on the floor that somewhere in this world, in our city, our suburb, in our own communities, there are others who mourn their loss, with reason and intention. We are only human and we do have rough days, I am the first to acknowledge that. Just today I was struck by the smallness of my drama in the light of these two stories. I wanted to honour these two families. Whose heartbreak today should mean our contemplation about what we really should lose sleep over and what we really should be thanking our Heavenly Father for. Family C and Family S – you are in my prayers. May you know the comfort of Adonai Elohim. May you cling to that which brings you hope and the life that you had part of. It is not lost to you. For both of your families, these little boys future destiny lies in the Hands of the Father. I honour you mother to mother. Parent to parent. We know the Father heart of God will give you strength to endure and grace to continue to love, to give thanks and to hope. And to all those who know this place, may His comfort cover you.

Psalms 56:8 You keep track of all my sorrows; you have collected my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each on in your book.

Michelle   Images courtesy of: Pensive woman: Ben Earwicker; Garrison Photography, Boise, ID; http://www.garrisonphoto.org Baby Feet: Lisa McDonald freedigitalphotos.com



  1. Beautiful Michelle, this is filled with humility and grace – pure and true. How quickly we forget our easy lives, and forget to spare a thought for the heartache in our world that surrounds so many lives. And yet – so many find courage each day to face the new – the scary – the unknown… through grace and compassion… and contemplation. Stunning my friend.

    1. Thank you Bean. We can learn so much if we just stop to reflect on our lives and those of others. I am just overwhelmed with the strength of others right now – you my friend are one of those….<3

      1. Bless you Mich. SO are you Michelle. SO are you. I DO know what you mean though – somehow – I just do. When we are weak then we are strong.. believe that.

      2. That is when we surprise ourselves the most hey…we find out that we are so much stronger than we thought we were x

  2. Hi Mich! Sorry i’m a bit late to the conversation – I’m behind in my e-mails. Your post is a very touching and sensitive reminder to all of us about what is important in life. Thank you very much for sharing your contemplations.

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