To blog or not to blog … of course to blog why even ask the question!

Hello to whoever may still be out there and who has not permanently deleted me from their feed or likes blogs because of the long dry wilderness on Lessons. I have, after much deliberation, chosen to return to blogging. Yes, for some time I considered leaving it behind me…but the pull, it seems, has been too strong.

Somehow this writing is cathartic. It helps release something within and gives me a sense of purpose on those days when purpose eludes me.

So whilst I have no lesson just yet – they are in formulation – deep formulation. Life has been so good to me – throwing a liquorice-all-sorts of life lessons and drama at me over the last 5 months… so in terms of material I feel I could write for another year over just the last few steps of this journey of mine. Wow!

Never-the-less – here I am – fingers hovering over the keys – ready to blog with fervour I tell you! Fervour!

à bientôt


      1. …. I will reply to YOU first then dear… I mean – WHO does this Mich think she is anyway? Upping and leaving like this and then just dropping right back into our lives?! 😛 (love you Mich!)

    1. I think Mich has forgotten over the aeons she has neglected us, how we used to come to her blog and have conversations between us. Uppity that we are. ha!

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