An internet blogging intermission

I have been without decent internet for 2 weeks now and am not sure how long it could be like this…so I am taking this rare flow of internet heaven to say I may be a bit scarce for a while. I will keep writing and hopefully the wifi angels will be good to me and allow some time, signal and data to post.

I am going to take this time to think and reflect on the many, many lessons our family is learning right now.

Refection and time is always a good thing.

This reminds me of Solomon’s wise words – there is a time for all things under the sun…

This is now my time to reflect and soon (please soon) it will be time to write again.

Shalom and be blessed




  1. Just been discussing the first world problem of no internet access. 😛 Sucks babe! But yes – reflection is a good thing…and you WILL write again when the season is ripe….it is like a baby isnt it? You have to be pregnant for a while and let it grow within you – and one day it will JUST NOT take no and labour will ensue…and how long labour is dpends on the make up of the person …and then – you got yourself a baby…and then? Well you know – thats when the fun (and work) REALLY gets going. Though creating the baby is pretty neat too….. -Those little seeds that fall into us and begin to grow. Hey and sometimes when they are taking route we even get a little dizzy with that morning sickness.

    I keep doing this everywhere right now. Not posting much and coming up with flippin posts in comment areas! LOL!

    Lots of love Mich –

      1. EXACTLY babe 😀 –
        Yeah – I quite dug that too really – hmmmm…..
        I lost it a bit – it is SNEAKING back in. LORD HELP me!!
        I AM SUPPOSED to be MOVING soon. Arrrggghhhh

  2. Juat a note in late August Mich. I finished reading Angela Hunt’s “Magdalene”. Waiting for your return so we can discuss. 😀

    1. Hello Paul – I am back on line! Am rested and ready for a discussion and to write again – I really have missed this space…hope you are well.

      1. I loved it – I am so happy you have finally come out of the commenting boxes to write us a real nail-biter! As I said in my comment – you are a superb story teller and should be blogging this – you have a marvelous way with words that take the reader right into the heart of your experiences! Thank you for sharing.

        I am well – just super busy – we are moving into summer on our side side but are still having lots of rain and its cold!!!
        Keep well too – chat soon on the blogging waves.

      2. Thank you very very much for the compliment Mich. I am glad you enjoyed it and hope to write more in the future. I hope you have a great day Mich and we will indeed see you around the blogosphere.

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