A Liebster present! Thank you

Liebster AwardSo I have been a little quiet lately – call it the joys of home schooling tinged with a dash of procrastination…mmm I am guilty of …”I’ll do it later” a little too much lately.

So now that I have confessed… Vikas from A little bit about everything blesses me with the Liebster award today and I felt just a little more guilty for not writing enough!Whoops…

Thank you so much and I am so blessed that despite my very lackadaisical approach to my blog as of late – that you have still honoured me with this reward. I always feel so humbled to be nominated among my fellow family of bloggers that are always there to make me smile, keep me informed or to make me think about various issues with such panache and creativity.

So without blabbing on too much – I will answer some of the questions and then I will get to the juicy bit of nominating some fabulous bloggers.

Are you a tea of coffee person? That’s a bit tricky, black filter coffee in the morning – 1 cup. Followed by copious cups of Rooibos tea for the rest of the day interspersed with an odd cup of Jacobs coffee with a dash of milk. Is this me trying to be unpredictable or just wanting a bit of everything. Who can tell…

my doggie love

I am Waffles…the beloved dogness

Who is a better companion, a cat or a dog? I am most certainly a dog person – I have a beautiful little dog named Waffles and right now he is lying snoring next to me as I type. He has had his bath today and now is settling down next to his with mom, later on he will get his kibbles and sit on my lap whilst I contemplate life, what a life!

Which do you prefer, writing or typing? It all depends on the reason for writing…obviously I have to type when I blog, but there is something so intrinsic and grounding about writing. I mean who prefers to get a typed letter as opposed to a hand written one. It is so sad that we are losing the art of handwriting and beautifully spoken language – now it is all down to BBM and WhatsApp and Cul8r (see you later) and ROTFL (rolling on the floor) – I just want to scream – what are people saying half the time – do they even know – LOL!

Okay there were more questions but I thought 3 would suffice.

The other thing is I know so many people don’t want to receive awards because they are such a mission to do:

You have to think of who you can nominate – and then the other bloggers who are not nominated think “so that’s great, you don’t think I am worthy of that award hey” and then you have to go and leave a link on everyone’s page and wow – by the time you have finished you could have made Brussel Sprouts with bacon for dinner, read Peter Pan to your kids 3 times and done a quick yoga class in spandex. (That last one is for you Nav)

So…I am doing to be a little different here…I love all the blogs I follow and if I am not following your blog just yet…let me know who you are and remind me to stop by and check your writing out, it may have got lost in translation…

And here is the TWIST...

The Liebster Award is now open here for 15 of the blogs I follow.

If you would like this award, please reply and I will award you.

I will then list you on a shiny new post and you can have some time to shine – because you are all brilliant.

And why?

Because you write despite the fact that life is crazy busy for most of you.

You read and you (sometimes hehe 🙂 ) read my blog – which I appreciate.

You make me smile etc. etc. etc. and that my fellow brilliant bloggers is worth a Liebster!

Be blessed little Liebsters




    1. Thank you Heather – I will! Shoo, sometimes the road gets a bit bumpy hey – busy reading your post right now…such an amazing story xx

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