Lesson 41: Storm rest

Wave Of The Ocean by luigi diamanti

I have been reminded of the story of the storm when Yeshua was fast asleep in the boat while the storm raged on around the boat him and His disciples were traveling in. He was at peace while the disciples were anything but calm. No, they were busy buying shares in fear and panic by the boat load.

They were fearing for their lives, for the danger of the angry waters and the relentless rain. It must have been a frightening moment. Interestingly enough, right there in the midst of them slept Yeshua as soundly as a baby in a mother’s arms. One would think they would have followed suite and gone to lie down too – after all, the Son of YHWH was asleep and calm, why shouldn’t they be too?

A dear friend was encouraging me yesterday as I have been dealing with some stormy moments right now and she reminded me of this story. It struck such a deep chord within in me –  just to be at rest right now, no matter what drama is going on around me.

I can choose peace, choose to keep my eyes on Yeshua and rest. Or I can choose to focus on the storm and  give into the fear and turbulence of anxiety.  Ultimately, He has each moment in His view and He has us in His hands – now it is up to me choose my response.

Every time we feel the storms of anxiety, worry and fear rising this is our challenge – to choose to be at peace. It is not easy but it can be done. The dramas of each of these times in our lives will unfold and we will either give into it and get sucked in by its magnetic pull or we can defy the obvious and find a quiet space to rest.

Stepping back and choosing to quieten your thoughts from the maddening storm not only brings peace but it brings insight and above all, it allows you to zoom out and freshen your perspective.

Can I do anything about the challenging places in my life right now? No – not all of them can be solved with a flick of a switch, if only it were that simple. I need to rest – to stop focusing on the storm and the epic drama playing out before me with no sign of intermission.

I know that those whose eyes are fixed on Him (Yeshua), will be in perfect peace. Isaiah 26 verse 3. Even Yeshua’s words to His disciples gave us the guideline to what He knows will be good for us in Mathew 8 verse 25 – He knows when we choose to focus on that which lifts our spirits, that which is good and pure and lovely – Philippians 4 verse 8 – we will have the strength to deal with the storm.

Sometimes the storms, as frightening as they can be, are a necessary event in our lives to bring teaching, to grow faith and ultimately to learn to rest in Him. Letting go of the trust in our own ability, in the security we have put in the things around us, in the people we have in our lives means we are completely surrendered to Him. We cannot be driven by anything but the Spirit – Ruach Hakodesh.

This is no easy approach to follow. It is so much easier to get stuck in a fix-everything-our-own-way approach but stepping back allows us a view of the bigger picture and that much longed for peace. A far better result than an ulcer…

It takes practice to rest in the midst of the storm, but when you do, He is right there and you can be assured that eventually the waters will calm, the thunder will quieten and the storm will relent and you will still be in perfect peace.

So take it from me this day whatever your ache or trial – choose to remain in peace…

Be blessed


 image Wave Of The Ocean by luigi diamanti courtesty of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net




  1. Good choice, Michelle. Looking up at Him instead of out at the chaos is always calming.

    I must tell you that my favorite part of this story comes after Jesus quiets the wind and waves. The apostles turn to each other, and one of them says, “Who is this guy?” Makes me laugh every time. 😀

    1. Ah yes, lol Suse – it is so funny. Thanks so much for your encouragement – I am most certainly looking up to the God who stops the storm but also lets them carry on for a little while to teach us to lean on Him…

  2. Cool post Mich 😀
    Not much too be added here hey!
    Other than: You know I wrote a poem about this right? (obviously!)
    Cant remember if I have posted it here or not! (loose track so easily these days)
    Would you believe I have not posted in about 5/6 days! – Fabulous rebellion 😉

      1. A raspberry is a rude noise you make with your tongue and lips. Your partially roll your tongue and stick it out between your lips and blow. It makes a sound kind of like flatulence. Usually used to express disdain or disagreement.

      2. Believe it or not, Mich, IW replied to this on her site AND she stuck her thumbs in her ears and waggled her fingers at me! Can you believe it? Further more, she said you were too kind a person for her to reply on your site.

      3. Only Belinda would do that – you have to just smile and wave – hehe – she is such a card! Always keeps us guessing 😉

    1. Thank you my friend! I remember the poem but not very well, I think you may need to go and find the archive file and repost maybe?
      You are a rebel hey – don’t follow in my steps I am the worlds’ worst right now for writing!!

  3. Great to see you back in the saddle Mich! There’s no arguing with this post. It is perfect. Thanks for sharing it wth us!

  4. We cannot always choose the events of our life, but we can choose how we respond to them. Excellent reminder, Mich, and an even better choice of a mentor on how to remain calm in stormy waters.

    Here’s hoping the waters calm for you soonest. ❤

    1. Thank you Nav – staying calm is the only way to war this storm.
      It will abate my resolve is firm – thanks for the encouragement too!

    1. I am so blessed – thank you so very much!! I will keep writing – although lately time has not been on my side – you know what that is like hey – time and a dash of procrastination (lol)

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