Live Tomorrow Today

‘Amidst the tomorrows of yester’ dreaming, today
Steady our minds eye, our courage not wav’ring, today

Grasping to strongholds unleashed with presumption fleeting Visions; decisions;indiscretions – forming, today

Outstretched from circling darkness embarking enlightening Dispute accusations – vengeance withering, today

Usurped along their journey souls bleeding and reeling
Effect false observance wistfully yearning, today

Form an idiot, writing to gain understanding
For what hope brings tomorrow if not living, today?’

~ƗᏊ~  at Idiot Writing

Ghazal Poetry Form



  1. You are a wonderful soul my friend ….I need to come right over and write for you…been rather slack…please forgive me.

      1. Hey I just had a surge of inspiration and posted on your blog….happy weekend hon! Just enjoy all those beautiful people in your life to the full!

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