A good day it is

Today – I have been thinking about my blog. My special place where I like to disappear to – where i can write and be and feel comfy! But as of late I have not written – I wrote some other pieces but not for my blog and so I feel it has been a little neglected – apart from some brilliant re-blogs of course.

Re-blogs serve 2 wonderful purposes – they share brilliant writing and thoughts from other writers and help me out when I have no time to put fingers to the keyboard.

Today, whilst working (and I confess, I should be working right now…shhhh don’t tell anyone) I popped over to Lessons and what do you know after a long time of blogging on this here WordPress…I hit the 100 followers award!

Now, most of you brilliant people out there have done that long ago and 100 followers is now a mere toe in the ocean of your followers, but for me – it is a momentous moment. 100 beautiful people and talented writers chose to follow my blog and my journey and I am so deeply grateful and blessed.

So this is to all of you who clicked followย  – thank you for making my day!

lessons in french

I am not going to eat Brussel Sprouts right now – no – I am going out for some Cadbury’s Bubbly from a beautiful chocolate floating cow.

I am a happy lass!

Merci beaucuop!




    1. Thank you so much – I think you may have had a hand in it ๐Ÿ˜‰
      It’s the small things we need to be happy with.

      1. I took five years in high school. One would think I would remember much more than I do . My jr. High French teacher Mrs. Ortman was the best ! And my high school teacher was sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Well then you are way ahead of me hehe – I am self taught and so far I can order a cup of coffee and tell you I am not French so please speak slowly…;)

      3. Je voudraisโ€ฆun cafรฉ

        so phonetically it is: juh voodreh ( I would like) un kafeh (a coffee) and if you want milk…
        un cafรฉ au lait. un kafeh oh leh

        So technically this is my first REAL Lesson in French and you are my first student lol

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