5×5 With The Hook: Mich-in-French

The Hook – one of the brilliant bloggers I follow avidly, recently interviewed me and the questions he asked made me smile and admittedly think… thank you so much Hook. Pop over to his blog for an interesting read of amazing characters and clever writing.

You've Been Hooked!

Michelle Moller , like all true bloggers, is aspirit in transition, searching for life’s true meaning – in multiple languages – while entertaining and enlightening the masses.

Michelle is currently at an interesting point in her life and as any blogger worth their salt will tell you, that makes for great posts overflowing with heartfelt human emotion. (We’re tight, so I call her Mich. Don’t be jealous, it’s unseemly.)

I could continue to sing Much’s praises but my mind has been a tempest of late, and so I think I’ll let the lady of the hour take the wheel…

1)  In your opinion, what’s the best thing about being human?

Well that’s a question I have never been asked before. The best thing about being human is that I have the ability to be more than just human – so if I look at the next door cat…

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