Shauny Award for Blogging Excellence

A heartfelt thank you to Vic Briggs a writer adrift, for nominating me for this award. Her writing is gripping and visionary. But the one aspect to her writing that keeps me reading is her authenticity and style, which is why she was nominated in the first place me thinks. I have to say I am always surprised and honoured when other bloggers do this – especially those whose blogs I read with admiration. Thanks for making my day and acknowledging this humble little blog…so here goes

blogging awards

The Rules  are quite straightforward:

Show Humanity, Show Love, Be Yourself, Don’t Be Others, Don’t Gossip,

and Share This Award with 10 others.


Not an easy task as there are so many blogs that deserve the accolades but here goes…

Jennifer at the Writing of a Mrs  ‘follow my journey to writing, Blogging and publishing my musings..’

Our dearest Hook at You’ve been hooked ‘observation from the trenches’

Ajay at Ajaytao 2010 ‘my Personal Opening to the World’

Uncle Spike at Uncle Spike’s adventures ‘It’s just a collection of stories, anecdotes and photographs from my life…’

JBC at Being JazzyBeatChick ‘exploring Mindfulness Meditations & Conversations on Jazz…’

Sherri at A view from my summerhouse ‘the view may not always be rosy’

Kim at Let me reach with Kim Saeed ‘a resource for recovering survivor’s of narcissistic abuse. Heal your whole being and recover from unhealthy attachment patterns.’

Dotta at DottaRaphels ‘ where art imitates life’

 McDaniel at Gravity of Grace

and Vinay at Beautiful life

Enjoy your award!


  1. I not only accept, I want to invite you to take part in my 5×5 series.
    My virtual hands are full with subjects right now, but I’ll be able to fit you in soon – promise!
    I just need an e-mail address for your questions.
    Thanks again!

  2. Mich, thank you so very much for this beautiful award, I am honoured and very humbled that you would nominate me and I very gratefully accept. I will get my acceptance post out as soon as I possibly can, and meanwhile, many, many congratulations to you on your award, very richly deserved 🙂

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