Jesus wants you to judge

Jesus wants you to judge.

This is something we should all read – so true so true – like it or not…

Well written again Matt



  1. For a second there I thought I was being divinely called to formally appraise the Miss America Pageant candidates. I don’t think I’ve ever followed a hyperlink with such theological gusto before.

    Always an interesting apparent contradiction. Thanks for the link, MiF.

    1. Always a pleasure Nav – Matt Walsh is a brilliant writer and always makes me think and he has some very pertinent views…

      ah if only you were to judge the pageant hey! What a pageant it would be! 😉

  2. Read the article, yet we must remember that in context, we are told to judge A) in private, and B) only those inside our own church, not those outside the church. I think we have a tendency to go to either extreme; never to judge/discern at all, or point fingers and blame outside the body. In my biblical studies, neither of those is correct. And as we attempt to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ, we also need to remember Jesus’ admonition to take the log out of our own eye first.

    1. So agree with you Susan – because mart of the calling is not to be critical because that causes us elevate ourselves above others – I just thought it was an interesting slant on it and particularly in how we view sin.

      We have got to a place (in this world) where we don’t judge anything for fear of offending people and we end up compromising so much in terms of what is right and wrong.

      We do need to look at our own lives first – absolutely and then with love discuss or bring to attention those areas with our brothers and sisters – we are certainly on the same wave length there.

      Thanks so much for your insight on this re-blog – one of my favourite books is The Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer and she explains all of this so brilliantly too. Because if we are not careful as we judge with condemnation we will sow those very seeds for a harvest later on in our lives.

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