Lesson 30: Waiting…who me?

This has been my favourite question for many years now and particularly this year. When we made the decision to move into what God had for us we really thought things would happen quickly. We had many confirmations that we were on the right path and so we packed up all our belongings, gave some of it away and lived in a temporary space. Well over a 3 years later I can tell the foremost question on our mind is why is it taking so long???

 I am not sure that I have all the answers but I do now have a few after some reflection on time in pending. I can see now that when we thought we were ready, we were in actual fact not.

  • We did not have the insight and understanding we have today – it took a few more years to grow that and when do we in actual fact stop growing…um…never
  • We did not have the faith we have today and I know that by tomorrow it would have grown a millimetre or two again – would our faith have been sufficient if the doors had opened 2 year ago? Perhaps, but I do think emotionally we would have taken a greater degree of strain than we will when we do eventually leave. 
  • We were not emotionally anywhere near geared up to take the steps we will need to – we have been through some serious trials and tribulations this year, and I will get to sharing that in the near future, but it has truly refined us and shifted our thinking. I have such a different outlook on what I need and what is really important to us as a family now.

God needed to show us what it is like to wait and to struggle – because in all of that we have developed perseverance and this has most certainly produced character.

Am I the same person I was 3 years ago or for that matter 1 year ago – not at all.

no regrets just lessonsDo I have any regrets? – NO – the only thing I could have done differently was stand stronger and eliminated all my negative thinking. It would have saved me so many heartaches and pity parties. I do know that God says our times are in His hands. I also know as painful as the process is that He is never too early or late – He is always on time and I have to trust that.

Waiting is part of building, we know that, but in a world where everything is so immediately gratifying it can become tough. It is in those tough moments that we have to hang onto the truth and not to our emotions.

You know the truth – you know the promise – so a little waiting has to happen – dare I say patience is a fruit of the Spirit?

So grow some – make the most of this time and allow it to grow you _ I am so looking forward to the day when that fruit is ripe and ready to be used.

Hang in there – your time is in God’s hands. – Michelle



      1. 😀 You will have me trembling in my …hang on – I have no boots on…in my socks – trembling in my socks (with my glass of wine in hand of course you see 😛 )

      2. She sat before her humble computer, and old clunker desktop that still got the job done despite its advanced age and arthritic speed, a glass of wine in her hand, with a shaft of sunlight from the window illuminating it to a iridescent ruby glint of red, surpassed only by the glint in her eyes as they danced about the mirth that stood before them on the screen, with the reflection of the body on the floor torqued in its final death pangs hiding so imperfectly in the innocent screen saver that had long been the guardian to her secret other world.

        I’d better stick to non-fiction.

      3. NOOOOO —- I think you should please please continue – I got engrossed! 😀 More – I demand more! More words …to go with the next glass of wine I am about to pour…

        Seriously – that actually had a fabulous flow Nav

      4. I’ve had it for a bit with research. Into drawing and working – and the occasional blog post you see.
        We could reverse this too you know: YOU could BEGIN to do the research and make a business proposal? It stands to reason you are better equipped to lead the way in the direction it should go. 😉 Plus – I am an airhead and not very good at business matters…Michelle on the other hand….:D Smart little lady here! Very organised!

        You do KNOW Nav – if you need me to do something I will and – I can but try right? 😀

      5. That could work 😀 A funny thing (Mich will KILL me)
        Mich and Belinda used to get confused for sisters since we were about thirteen years old 😀

        And there is your completely irrelevant fact for the evening of OBLIGATIONS? what happened there – ??
        Is it dark where you are? 😉

      6. Oh wow – I remember that …we had so much fun at school hey B, I wish we had appreciated it a little more!

      7. Thank you for the shout out B – mmmm – this business proposal may have something to it – Navigating the Idiot Writer to learn the Lessons in French

      8. That made me laugh!! I dig how the Idiot gets stuck in the middle of you two! NO FAIR! I want to be the first name! *STOMP*
        Idiot writer, The Navigator of Lessons in French?? Maybe? …neh. 😛

      9. I like that one hehe or Lessons in French to Navigate the writings of the Idiot Writer lol 😉

      10. Am I not destined to be the Tom Jones of bloggers and non-fiction writers? “What’s up, pussycat(s)?” Hey! Ouch! (Those hotel keys really hurt when they hit you in the eye.)

        Okay. I’ll behave.


      11. There – there Nav let’s not get too carried away hey! I think you had better stick to the tea without a hint of scotch hey 😉

      12. In their special place, a place that was and yet wasn’t at the same time, a place where they shared their deepest feelings and thoughts and memories, faded memories both pleasant and otherwise, those two wonderful friends spoke about him as if he wasn’t really there, and he wasn’t, not in body, although in spirit they knew he was, and he did too. He heard their deepest feelings and thoughts and memories, faded memories both pleasant and otherwise, not meant for him yet meant for him too, feelings and thoughts and memories that went straight to his heart, still pulsating with strength despite having been scarred by the conflicts of love that he had fought, victorious or otherwise. And he smiled.

        NFN = non-fiction nav };-)>

      13. And all those memories (faded and pleasant or otherwise) began to form a picture. A picture of their reality that had been woven together since first their breath entered their lungs. His heart behind the same cage within his bones as that which their breath entered, began to twist into a shape once familiar to his spirit. It heard the rhythm of the essence of the chord that bound the two friends and it understood in a place far deeper than the eye can see nor the mind acknowledge. Within the vastness of space and time, as the call of aeons across aeons, since before time began – he sensed where he knew them from – a house not far off in another space and time – one just next door, fallen to earth as stardust and formed in the shape of a mortal whose blood and water seeped out from the place where once a beat of a heart and breath did live..and he was content. The campus pointed him toward the destination to which he longed – and at peace with it’s magnitude he navigated vigilantly home. ♡

      14. OMG – the man can write hey! The vigilante Navigator writes again….we are but mortals – go easy on us ….we pray

      15. You and Nav make me smile – I woke up this morning to discover I had missed this entire conversation – what a good way to start the day!

        Ok super heroes…where is the vino hey?

  1. Mich your words are always so so down to earth and encouraging. You keep us remembering all the sill pitfalls we can fall into on this journey. Always open and honest. Thanks again for a good read. 😀

  2. BTW, Have either of you two ever heard of The Great Courses? http://www.thegreatcourses.com. I only buy when they have 70% off sales, which is frequently. There’s a course entitled “Building Great Sentences” with Professor Brooks Langdon. I’m half way through, but have paused for a while.

    Wouldn’t have had a clue how to write that earlier big sentence without his lectures.

      1. I’ve found it to be a great course in terms of writing fiction. Sentences are the building blocks of fiction.

        I also like the great courses in terms of being a great introduction into various academic areas. I did their Masters of Strategy Course as part of my warm up for my books. Sun Tzu and understanding your enemy, attacking feminist centres of gravity per Carl von Clausewitz, and all that.


      2. When I have more time on my hands…I need to start looking at doing something to stretch my writing – sounds like a great plan – that is very heavy material to work with hey!

  3. Well, obviously late to the game, I must tell you I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this entire banter! Michelle, I SO connect with the faith and the waiting. If I have faith in Him, I must have faith in His timing. B, OMGosh, how long do I have to know you before I can request a portrait???? What a yummy gift. (Obviously, you two are family, so I’ll just have to put that on a dearly wanted wish list.) Nav, you are such a special writer who has a way with fiction, non-fiction, poetry and, of course, sarcasm! :-p Love to all three of you. Just watched a most beautiful sunset, so I’m in a particularly mellow mood. BTW, for you Canadians 😀 I’ve just discovered the Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix. Love, love, love it! Bang on!

    1. It has been so much fun Susan and it is never too late to join in 🙂 I am in His time too – we all are, when we learn to be okay with it we actually begin to understand more of His perfect refining process. His plans are so intricate and perfect.
      B and I do go back a long way and I am so excited about her offer…oooh B you may want to take it back but now you have typed the commitment hey (lol)
      Sunsets are my favourite, from our kitchen window we have a view of Table Mountain and the sunsets are incredible – they make me happy too.
      Lots of blessing your ways Susan xoxo Enjoy your Murdoch Mysteries,,,

      1. I’m a witness to that portrait offer, so she cannot take it back! Hold her to it, Michelle! 😉

        Yes,anytime I can witness anything in nature, it delights me and lets me know that God is showing Himself to me. Just today, I was watching a man and his dog out in the park playing catch. That dog was pure joy, jumping higher and higher to catch the ball. Just to be able to take a few minutes, sit back and witness that was a treasure.

        Thanks again for the post. In His process,

  4. Hi Mich. Wow, some conversation going on here! I will just come in on the end of it to say that I’ve nominated you for The Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award which I hope you will accept. Many congratulations! Here is the link: http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/2013/12/10/just-imagine-a-beautiful-sisterhood-award-part-two/

    Also, yes, wonderful post. God’s timing is everything. It took me a long time to learn this lesson, still learning actually. The standing and the waiting is the hardest part but know that during this time you are learning so much and He does know the plans he has for you… 🙂 x

    1. Hi Sherri – it has been so amusing – and fun! Thank you so very much for the award – that is such a blessing!

      Waiting is so excruciating in the beginning but I have learned to rest in Him and let Him lead the way and so now instead of grinding away at my teeth I trust – I don;t always get it right but for the most part I try to stay calm – there really isn’t anything else we can do…it’s about that contentment with much or little.

      Thank you for your words of encouragement – lots of blessings xxx

      1. You are doing the right thing where you are, in the here and now and trusting and resting in Him. Hard though it is and you will be tested, but in your contentment now you will find answers and leading when the time is right.

        I had to learn to ‘bloom where I’m planted’ and find contentment in my now when all I wanted to do was to look to the ‘what next’ and I struggled so much with this.

        I read something in my devotional recently that said this: ‘Yesterday is buried, tomorrow isn’t born yet but today is alive and ready’. I hope this blesses you as much as it blessed me when I read it.

        All blessings to you too Mich 🙂

      2. Thank you Sherri – that is an amazing truth to meditate on – thank you for those encouraging words.
        Blessings to you to Sher x

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