Lesson 27: Grammar 101 – the truth of it

This post lies heavy on my heart as I watch the happenings of the world around me and wonder where it will be when my children have children one day. Saturday night I began to write and the words just came  like a torrent out of my heart… we need to ask ourselves these questions – we need to face our journey and we need to know what the truth really is to make this life count, to bring some kind of hope to those who have none, those whose hope has got lost in the attempt to find truth in a world where truth has become watered down and at times unrecognisable.


What if there were no rules? No rules for writing, language, punctuation and word order. What if we did everything just the way we wanted to and it was okay? No-one could tell you otherwise because there would be no parameters or boundaries, no advantages or disadvantages, no rights and no wrongs.

Where would we stand?

Would we even be able to stand?

Would ‘stand’ even be what we currently understand it to be?

Would what I am currently writing be French, German, Italian or better yet, Latin? Would the word order even matter if we all created our own truth? So, my yes, would be your no or maybe or even definitely, I’m positively unsure.

There would be no victory, no achievement, no disappointments or discoveries because everyone would be walking by their own set of rules. Their own set of definitive principles.

Nothing would be wrong and everything would be right. No-one would step out of line and those who lined up would be in step or out and all of it would be good and um…true.

Confusion would be your wisdom and my wisdom would someone else’s misconception. I would love you and that would be okay and you could hate me and would also be acceptable because there would be nothing to disapprove of.

Everyone would take control of their design of truth and so truth would become everything which it is not…true, because no-one would understand the honesty of truth or the goodness of non-deceit.

Evil would be okay despite the pain and the violence it left in its wake and somehow we would need to co-exist with it because it would be acceptable and okay.

Is that where we already are or where we are casually heading? I ask you if you understand good writing, if you believe in good grammar, if you understand the necessity of word order or the power of punctuation.

If you understood this then surely you understand the power of the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Only ONE truth – the truth that cuts bone from marrow, that defines what is good from what destroys and the dangerous road the world is intent on following.

dictionary truth

There are no forms, definitions or interpretations of truth. Truth stands alone – isolated and naked. It is not clothed in glamour and bejewelled with gorgeous extras or dripping eloquence.

It is what it is without my assistance or need for definition. It stares and confronts, convicts and defines – it is that which the world wishes to escape to feel comfort again. We seek this ease to escape the discomfort that we lose when faced with hard truth.

The ease which pretends to give us the definition to that makes us think we are still okay, in the seeking this ease we begin to redefine the truth…but it is truth that defines us not our concocted definitions of it.

This is my sword that defines the paragraphs of my life, not the ink that writes it, not the paper that absorbs it but the Author of truth – the only definitive judge for it. The one we wish to hide from undefined – it is this JUDGE we will face at each our time – I ask you this will you recognise TRUTH when He stands before you?

truthCan you handle the truth….can any of us?

We could if we could let go of our stuff, our insecurities, our offense and fear of facing that which is true.

If we would be prepared to relinquish ‘self’ and the superficial need for our comforts, pleasures, status and numbness of truth-avoidance.

The truth in essence is just like grammar in language, it is a vital part of language without it there could not possibly be any understanding or communication – we could try to recreate it but would it really be understood or recognisable?

So then grammar can be equaled to truth.

It cannot be recreated, reformatted or reconstituted. It was here before you and me and it remains. It is not for you or I to define – no.

It was. Is. Will be.

Are you brave enough to face it? Do you understand these words formatted into these sentences?

Then you know there is only ONE truth. Truth just as there is ONE God who created all things, who created truth and is truth. This I know – as do you whether you fight it or not.

It can’t be pushed or forced or moulded by you to make it fit into your way or your justifications or mine.

It is unchangeable and unshakable.

It is what keeps humankind alive whether believed or not. Deception on the other side of the scale is the only mouldable format – it is that which deceives us into believing that we each have a truth that is okay and true. It is deception that tells us contradiction is truth and will bring any of us peace.

Truth is – it stands concentrate, immovable among us – with the only shifting and scurrying, our thoughts – searching, finding and then rejecting because it does not fit into our mould.

And so we take our own things/deception/comforts and we begin to chip at truth, mould it and pinch as we would with clay to make it that which we need it to be.

We step back and feel as an artist would of a profound new creation and we name it truth… but in this act, the irony of our creation, is that we have just created a lie.

Only one truth – unmouldable, inflexible, and unavoidable, always follows you, biting at your heels until you turn to face it, never leaving you comfortable until you see it and embrace it –  that which you hide from will always be there.

Quietly waiting for your acknowledgement. This truth wants to free you and me – waits to liberate us and redeem us. It is this truth that will release our guilt, disappointment, self-worthlessness, bitterness, unforgiveness and pain.


 ”And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8 verse 32

We need to be okay with staring truth head on – no matter how much it scares us – we need to face it, accept it and learn from it. There is no other way to move on from ‘Begin’…no other way to move forward and grow…

 M-i-F(Mich in French)



    1. You are so right – It gets to a place where it doesn’t exist anymore because everyone puts their own comforting spin on it

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