Lesson 26, Part 2: Fear is not the enemy

So this week I have been getting to grips with understanding fear and what the best counter attacks are for this gremlin…a got a couple of replies and I think we are all on the same wavelength when it comes to dealing with fear.

CS Lewis, testingThe moment the lurking fear and doubt gorilla’s begin to emerge we need to take action. The moment you feel yourself falling into a pattern of negative thinking you need to start taking up arms. Fight fear with faith, doubt with belief, negativity with positive thoughts and hopelessness with determination to succeed. You have to re-programme your head, re-frame your old ways and beliefs and do it differently if you want a new result!

It is courage that needs to urge us forward, despite the possible risks and the tough times within our circumstances. We need to stand up despite fear pulling out its weaponry and we need to keep, keeping on. Courage could not exist with the absence of possible danger, it wouldn’t require courage if we had nothing to lose. It is the easiest thing to make a decision when there is no fear of failure or risk, but when we face giants and strongholds we begin to tremble when we have to step forward and stand alone to face these head on.

 It is not fear that we should fear but our response to it – our inability to resist it and our complacency to just accept it and the doubt that follows its invasion.

If you want new results you need to stop doing the same things. If you want to see changes in your life, you have to make some changes. If you want to step up to the next level, you have to be prepared to get completely uncomfortable. You can never hope to achieve great things if you are not prepared to make great sacrifices.

2 Timothy 1 verse 7My favourite scripture and one that I have taught my children just as soon as they could understand is from 2 Timothy 1 verse 7 “ For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.” A sound mind refers to a mind without confusion and doubt – we have the power to push fear away and to think victoriously. We just have to choose it. We can choose to give in and allow fear to determine our future or we can use it to move us forward into a better place.

Choose well and be blessed,


© Lessons in French



  1. yes ..just yes…I can add no more – I have run out of words – that’s a first hey 😉
    Thanks as always Mich – hit the spot – 😀 OIsh – I am tired after THIS weekend….zzz

    1. Wow – that is a compliment that there are no words from my poet friend – hehe – me thinks you are indeed exhausted!8)

      1. Ah you are much to complementary in your tired state – thanks my friend and well done on your brilliance this weekend on Harsh

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