Lesson 22: Patience in the queue

Queues, wiating in lineWaiting is excruciating! No matter how long the wait, you always wish it was shorter. It’s like waiting in a queue – you know eventually it will be your turn but in the meantime all you can focus on is how many people are in front of you, your aching back and all the other things you could be doing instead of waiting.

No matter how long or short, if you can avoid it you most certainly will. The trouble is sometimes in your effort to get there quicker, you swop queues and what do you know, the one you just left speeds up and the one you just joined slows down. It’s like ‘queue karma’ – when you are meant to wait ain’t nothing you can do but wait honey. You can try and avoid but all it’s going to do is slow you down or completely derail you.

It is my greatest lesson right now – to wait is to trust – you have to trust the process, trust the timing, trust the learning and most of all trust that the waiting will result in success and victory!

Last year I had a bit of a revelation about seasons – it really hit me in the centre of my being, it was another one of my wake up and smell the mojito moments (yeah, I know it’s meant to be coffee but life is so short and mojito’s are so yummy and do assist from time to time with some levels of frustration but let me stop digressing…)

When we find ourselves in a season that we are not particularly enjoying what we normally do is look for ways to exit it. We find ourselves scheming and forcing, begging and pleading, but most seriously jumping into behaviour that is anything but representative of growth. All that it leads to is more waiting and believe me I am a pro at this now – read my post on the limbo and you’ll see why.

Last year I had a dream on the 19th of Feb about God talking to me – I woke up and wrote down what I heard God say and it really resonated with me:

“Time.We are all in God’s season.

Many of you are calling out to God – many of you are saying how God? When God?

Why God?

God release me from this moment, challenge or difficult circumstances. Whether it be sickness, finances or uncertainty. God says for all things there are a season, no season lasts forever. Instead of asking Him to remove the season, ask Him to help you to fulfill that which the season was meant to fulfill for you.

Ask Him to give you peace, understanding and revelation and He will then be able to fulfill what He wants for you. Know that the seasons are temporary and are here to grow and mature you for a time that only He knows. Lean in Him – lean on Him – praise Him and let my His joy be your strength. He will fulfill if you allow Him to.  

Psalm 128.”

Why are we always trying to find ways out and as quickly as possible? Don’t we realise that seasons are intended for growth?

If we are constantly trying to get out are we ever going to focus on why we got in, why we find ourselves stuck in the season and what we need to learn out of it? You see, my theory is this, that the sooner we learn it – the sooner the door out is unlocked. We have to stop asking “How do we get out?” and start asking “How did we get in, why and what do we need to learn from this?”

choice, direction, new routeNow trust me asking these questions also does not immediately answer all these questions and also does not make being in the season that much simpler or easier. Often the answers don’t come too clearly or quickly – it  can increase your peace over time if you choose to stay focused and it does wake up a sleepy, complaint-infested brain. You will, if you are very focused, start seeing things differently and you will start being more introspective. Introspection will lead to more questions being asked and the more honest questions we ask, the more answers we should uncover.

Maybe it’s about learning to let go and to put all your trust in your Maker (well it’s normally the main reason) but it could be that you need to learn to trust in those around you or grow in a particular skill. It could be that your waiting is positively impacting someone else’s life, you could be learning skills that are only for future seasons and if you don’t learn them now those future seasons may end up permanently delayed.

There are so many phenomenal stories about people who we now see as successful but at one or many more stages of their lives they were anything but that.  They found themselves in some incredibly painful, long-suffering waiting seasons. The other common denominator among these people was that they were not prepared to quit. They may have been tempted, their circumstances may have been beyond excruciating but something deeper pushed them on. I believe they chose to learn for that season whether conscious or not.

direction you choose, Dr SeussThese stories serve to inspire all of us who are currently on the ground floor waiting for our life-off. Think of Edison, Dr Seuss, Christopher Gardener from the Pursuit of Happiness, Noah – waiting, feeling like a fool – waiting for that first drop of rain, Joseph waiting to be remembered in his prison cell and the countless others that you are thinking of right now.If you are in-waiting – remember it is anything but an inactive state of being. Waiting is an active state of being – because in that waiting, growth is happening but only if you allow it.

Deep under the soil – where no eye sees, the seed planted germinates – it would be so sad if that seed was left unwatered due to the belief that it was not growing and this simply due to the belief that it was not growing because nothing could be seen above the ground.

Trust your time of waiting, trust your time in the queue – be active in this place and choose to grow – it will get you through your waiting with grace and peace and boost you forward. Focus on what needs learning, overcoming and discovering in this season. Make the most of the season you find yourself in – keep watering those seeds and trust that in due season the little shoots will break through the earth and grow into an incredible harvest. It just is going to take some time – you can’t rush greatness you know…

“Do not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time your will reap your harvest if you do not give up.” Galatians 6 verse 9.

Keep watering, Michelle

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  1. I SO needed this today. I am becoming more patient, more faithful in the waiting…and I am going out right now to make some plant cuttings to remind myself. Just as Jacob wrestled with God and did not let go until he had his blessing, I remain trusting and faithful in the promises He has made me…all in His timing and in His own, higher way. Thanks for the encouraging reminder to breathe in and thrive with open hands in this most wondrous season of in-between.

    1. I am so blessed that this blessed you – waiting is by no means for the faint of heart – I am so encouraged by your inspiration and reminding me of Jacob’s perseverance! Be blessed in your waiting Susan

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