Traffic Dos and Don’ts: A Checklist

Traffic Dos and Don’ts: A Checklist.

I just wanted to thank WordPress for being such a supportive blogging platform. This post today was just what I needed to keep me keeping on. I want to encourage all those low traffic bloggers to keep on keeping on.

Remember why you started blogging and what inspired you to share your stuff with the world. I am sure you didn’t start your blogging because you dreamed of clicks (okay so maybe some of you did) but I know I didn’t. Blogging can sometimes feel like being at a party and not knowing a soul but there are also so many amazing moments – like the moment someone comes over to you and starts a conversation or offers you a glass of punch. It’s like getting to blow out the candles on a birthday cake and sometimes it’s like pinning the tail on the donkey only this donkey can’t be found.

Remind yourself why you started and keep writing – it may be that you are learning more from your own writing than anyone else is…

So tell me, why did you start blogging?



  1. I love why you blog and I also love your blog! You and me both feel the same way – I know writing about learning has definitely kept me accountable to my lessons learned and I have also grown but still enjoying being a kid at heart hey!

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