Lesson 17 : Doing the limbo with a smile

Being in limbo as we all know is challenging – you are neither at the starting point or at the end destination and you have no idea how long you will be waiting for in that middle space either. When we set out on this journey we had no idea how long we would spend in this little one-horse-town “Limbo” doing the limbo like the lambada!

doing the limboThe thing about the limbo is that when you start it looks like great fun and it looks so easy. You have a bar and all you have to do is shake your derriere under that bar without touching it and with no hands touching the ground. Easy – the bar is at a level where you won’t even  break a sweat and you get to the other side energized and enthused. “I can do this!” you shout triumphantly and you eagerly get in line for the next level.

But as with all things the dance gets more challenging when that bar is lowered. With each new level your body is challenged to bend back further and your legs have to bend deeper. The strain it puts on your muscles gets more intense and you now are feeling a little less positive about your success at being the last person standing (or bending over backwards that is). By now your thigh muscles are singing a little tune and you know by the next day it will be more like a heavy metal hit as you prepare to go under that bar yet again. It always towards the end of the dance, when only a few brave and reasonably more limber die-hards are still willing to participate that you start to think that there is no way you can go under again and now the bar is even lower than ever before. Now you’re thinking – I’m going to fall on my butt and look like a fool, or my legs are going to cramp up, my back is going to break, I am never going to get through….

Now, let’s ask this question…what is the absolute worst thing that could happen? Yes, you can fall on that derrière of yours, yes; you could wake up in the morning without the ability to feel your legs and you may make the massage therapist down the road an extremely wealthy person, but really is that so awful? So, you get back up and you try again – the great thing about the limbo and anything else you’re attempting to perfect – there is always the possibility of failing a few times and there is also the possibility of you getting it absolutely right!

It is just like where we are at on this journey – waiting in ‘Limbo’ doing the limbo… We have a choice here – (a) we could rant and rave and cry melodramatically and play the victim throughout this process or (b)we could accept this is where we are at and smile, look for a fresh perspective, trusting the process, believing for the best.

Yeah, baby! I am doing this with a smile – I am in no way super human, I have my fair share of bruises from this dance, but I am here – I have to embrace it and I have to trust that where I am right now carries enormous purpose and meaning. Where we are as a family is no mistake – we are here ‘lambada-ing’ the limbo in the little one-horse town – with no horses – Limbo – and we are smiling… you know why?

 Because we can. Because life is too short to complain through every pit stop and limbo moment, it is too short to sit down and feel sorry for ourselves, but it is not too short to take hold of what life is giving you and make something great out of it. It is not too short to learn from the lessons and to give your all to each moment.

I really want to encourage you to use the energy you usually use to complain and cry and feel despondent and use it to believe for the best and to get you under that bar as many times as it takes to perfect the dance. I am sure part of the lesson is learning to smile in this space and to do it with style!

tangoLet’s do the limbo in French!! Keep smiling – I know this dance will not last forever – it’s just a few bars more and you will soon be doing the waltz… hopefully we will be waltzing down the Champs-Elysées very soon.

Lots of blessing and singing thigh muscles.

Keep dancing,




  1. Oh dear – there appears to be a reason I am reading this (how can that be again??) 😉 Seriously??
    Dear Lord am I doing the LImbo at the moment!! We need skype or google meet up or something!
    Lots of love.

    1. Its amazing how we do the limbo hey! We should skype, that would be great!
      The great thing about the limbo is that we exercise the right spiritual muscles if we pay attention…hang in there!

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