Lesson 15: Faith is not a feeling

Stormy seasHave you ever woken up with a tornado brewing next to you bed? You don’t know it is there but once you open those sleep crusted eyes and place your foot on the floor you have no hope, you walk right into the centre of it and get caught up in the unforgiving mess of it. This morning having nothing but peace over me before I got up I was unknowingly stepping into a wicked little tornado.

Funny thing about tornadoes is that they go just where they please, you can’t direct them no matter how you try – once you make the sad mistake of getting caught in one sometimes you just have to wait it out and hope that when the winds and the disastrous weather dies down that there is not too much damage done… tornadoes do damage, there is just no getting away from that. The good thing is that we humans are resilient and there is always a way to rebuild what went up and then down in the middle of that spin cycle.

So this is me – I feel like I have just been through a mother tornado of a spin cycle – it started slowly over the weekend and has just progressed to a full blown, no holds barred spin till you lose your morning coffee spin, and this was even before I had the morning coffee! I tell you I feel so battered, walking this road is no joke and waiting on God takes some serious kahunas.

Have you ever asked the questions?

 Have you forgotten me God?  

Have you heard my prayers? 

Am I still on your list? 

Why does God answer everyone else’s prayers but mine? 

Is there still hope for me?

If you have I know you are not alone. Yup, we all feel sorry for ourselves at least twice a month, some of us more, some of us less but you do (and don’t pretend you don’t). It’s okay first of all – today I feel like crap and I am not going to mince my words about it – I do and yes, there were a good couple of tears shed and some ‘I can’t do this anymore God’ and ‘When is this going to end’ doo-wops and choruses. I feel low, I am weary and tired and a little very disillusioned right now. And here you were thinking this was going to be a lift me up post (hang in there it won’t get worse…)

The bottom line is despite the fact that that is how I feel and that things around me are not going to plan or being miraculously shifted into position as I had hoped, it does not mean that all is lost. Isn’t it wonderful that our FAITH actually has nothing to do with our feelings? Our emotions are so reckless, a tornado or tsunami of stress, hormones and too much sugar at bedtime, but FAITH is clear and focused and firm. It actually doesn’t rise and fall and veer off course – no FAITH is unmovable – it is us who dance around it – we hang on and then we let go.

We walk with FAITH and then we lose focus and go and sit in the corner with our battered emotions and wonder why we feel so bad. We let our emotions rule us and this is such a dangerous place to go to because when we allow this we also allow negativity to creep in. We start brooding on all the things that have gone wrong and how hopeless our situation is and we lose sight of the vision through our unbalanced hormonal tidal wave of tears. We start feeling more and more depressed about our circumstances and then instead of being able to rise above them, we sink very deeply into them and it really is tough to move out of that space. Our minds almost indulge in the self-pity and the hopelessness and it starts to feed some part of us. GET OUT QUICK!

Now I am not saying you shouldn’t cry and feel what you need to feel – sometimes it really does you good to have a good snot session, it’s what you allow yourself to think through it and how stuck you get in it. Let the tears roll; let the questions be asked, but then clear your eyes and get hold of FAITH, don’t let FAITH go in that moment. It is when you lose sight of your dear friend, FAITH, that you slip into the downward spiral.

stormYour success is not determined by your current state of mind.Unless you let that state of mind set in… Your future is not vested in your emotional instability unless you allow it to be. We have so many choices, and yes, they are hard to make, but right now you and I have to choose to cling to FAITH and trust that despite the tornadoes or tsunamis that catch us by surprise we are going to make it through, that we will get to the finish line. Right now as tough as this moment feels, it is what I am choosing to do, I choose to believe that this moment will pass, that God is greater than all the storms that could possibly come my way and that He has given me the strength to endure this. He created me to endure these storms and part of the plan to grow me is for me to see my way through it.

Your success, my success is not determined by feelings – if you make the choice that it won’t be. Believe it and you will see it, shift the perspective, get a fresh angle on the storm and the way out will be clear. And if you do have to walk through this, you will find the stamina and grace to get through it – you may be a little wet and windblown on the other side but you WILL be on the other side!

It’s what FAITH does, it gets you through when it seems like it is impossible – FAITH will get you there … if you have lost it, wipe those eyes, find it and hang on – this may be a bumpy but victorious ride!

Have a good day friends despite the storms.


Images: Image 2: Wonderland  by Evgeni Dinev courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net




    1. Hey Ang – so pleased to hear that! And very cool to have you reading my blog! Be blessed and trust that the clouds will part quickly and the sun will warm you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Lots of blessing and love xxx

  1. Thanks my friend! Absolutely love the imagery in “FAITH is unmovable – it is us who dance around it – we hang on and then we let go” – awesome and so true. Yip. We are learning perseverance and to be overcomers, not so? Much love xx

      1. And yes, perseverance is what builds this character that will then give us the strength to overcome xxx

  2. I really enjoyed this post Mich. It is so true. I’ve had a sort of mantra similar to this but a bit more violent (sorry): There are days that I feel like I’m standing in a mine field and full of bullet holes, and then suddenly I realize I AM still standing.

    1. I like that Paul – my husband has thinking very similar to yours – so I can relate and you know it is quite awesome – that in that mine field – we ARE still standing! 😉

  3. It truly is quite remarkable – the faith. It has been notable, in my life, that time and time again, I’ve been in situations where there was no “reason” I didn’t die. I’m talking about incidents like being thrown out through the windshield of a truck rolling over at 50 mph and walk away without a single scratch. Or falling three stories off a scaffolding. Or surviving cancer. And not just a few incidences, but more than I’d care to count. Enough that it has been made amply clear to me that it was not my actions that saved me, but rather something much greater. In other cases, I’ve actually asked God for assistance and received completely mind-blowing results (once it was $58,000 in a matter of weeks for something I personally had no desire to engage in and yet KNEW I had to do – that one I had to invest two years of life and it was amazingly worth it in the end). Anyway, you are exactly right – the faith is completely separate fom emotions, actions, outcomes and all else that makes us up. And it is the rock, the foundation, the immutable truth on which all else is built.

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