Lesson 12: A journey

Trying to write but nothing is working
My mind is in a 100 places, churning.
Wondering what lies ahead of us
Is it more waiting for that overdue bus?
Or is it a ticket and bon voyage
As we traipse over to Nice, France?Footprints
Could it be that the lesson has already been learned?
That faith is our final companion and doubt has been spurned?
That we have found the key to the breakthrough at last
That we are looking ahead and not to the past?
Can it be that the waiting, the tears and the anguish
Is finally ending in a realisation of the wish.
The wish to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow
The dream, the vision, the hope all in tow.
Have we finally been approved for this destiny,
To carry through hope, new faith and possibility?
Oh God, could it be that the blessing has rested
On the place where we long now have been tested,
And waited and prayed for this new adventure to begin
To discover miracles, grace and abundance within.
Could it be my Father, that you have finally agreed
For the doors to be opened and the breakthrough freed?
Could it be that for once this family of mine
When it comes to blessing is standing first in line.
If it is, oh my, if it should – the joy I will know will so overwhelm
To fill me up to the brim and flow over the helm.
But Lord, if we still have to wait some time more,
I will be okay to trust for what you have in store.
I will try not to grumble and fret every day,
And take all my worries instead to You when I pray.
I ask you to help train my tongue and my thinking
To make sure I keep my family smiling and not sinking,
Let me know joy despite the fact that things are slow
And give me patience until it is time to get up and finally go.
Help us to stand when our faith takes a dip
Not to crash and burn and go down with the ship.
Let us stand firm and strong and not be swayed
Like a man being tossed to and fro in the wave.
Let our faith be a banner of our belief in You
As we are determined follow the dream through.
Written on the 15th of January 2013
Image: courtesy of foto76 at freedigitalphotos.net

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