My “Sweet” and Unique thank you

I have been nominated for my very first blogging awards. To say I am utterly surprised and flattered is a little of understatement. Today has definitely been a day of blessings and unexpected surprises! Thank you Lorraine at Wording Well Life for nominating me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.


Now please be a little lenient on me as this is an entirely new ball game and if I don’t get the rules right – which I may please correct me – Lorraine – I trust you will let me know if I get an A+ for this one or not…

Super Sweet Blogging Award

The Rules for the Super Sweet Blogging Award:

  1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that awarded you.
  2. Answer five Super Sweet questions.
  3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award image in your blog post.
  4. Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other bloggers.
  5. Notify your nominees on their blog.

The Five Super Sweet Questions:

  1. Cookies or cake?
  2. Favourite sweet treat?
  3. Sweet Nickname?
  4. What is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you?
  5. What is your sweetest memory?

My Answers to the Super Sweet Questions:

1. It is so hard to decide between the two, cake with cookie dough butter cream might work well for me and anything with peanut butter s generally a highlight on the menu!

2. I have to say Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups – we never used to get them here is South African but at last we can – they are reasonably pricey but when I really have a need or need to spoil myself I indulge a little and feel so much better for it!

3. Ladybug, or Mon Lappin (my rabbit) these are my husbands names for me and my son has taken to calling me Mozambique or Mozam lately, heaven knows why but I do enjoy the uniqueness of that one.

4. This is a hard one, there have been a lot of really special people in my life doing beautiful things – but one that comes to mind is when I liked my good friend’s earrings and told her how lovely they were, the next day she gave them to me  and I was so blessed!

5. My sweetest memory is my daughter aged 3 dancing in her second ballet show in front of  about 200 people – she was dressed as a little teddy bear with a cute little pink skirt and a little puppy dog nose, when her dance had finished she just stood on the stage waving to the audience and all the other little girls had already danced off. The stage curtains could not be lowered because she was standing beneath them and the audience all oohed, aahed and giggled at her confidence and enjoyment of being up on the stage. Eventually her dance teacher went and fetched her and she got another applause. It made my heart smile and my eyes tear up with love for her.

My nominees – now this is a little tougher as I am new to the WordPress Community, but there are a number of blogs that I have recently discovered and resonated with. Lorraine – I would re-nominate you but you have done a lot of homework this week so I will give you a short break form accepting awards.

So here they are

Christina from seventeen 20 – I really enjoy her blog and there are some great tips for aspiring writers

Vanessa at Joy on a Shoestring – she has some interesting tips on life as a mom, teacher, wife and psychologist with no formal qualifications except life in it’s fullness

Jane at Bittersweet – I love the honesty in her writing

Diane at Basque Farmhouse in France – her writing and photographs are a joy and inspiration, not to mention her quiet wisdom

Belinda at Idiotwriter and The Unknown Speak Silently – who has inspired and encouraged me on my blogging journey and is a beautiful friend and incredible poet

Genie at Paris and Beyond – an amazing blog with pictures that will transport you to Paris and beyond

Janey at O.U and Oh dear – her writing is so quirky and entertaining!

Gosh this is not as easy as it seems …

Kim at France 24/7 – who writes about and lives in the south of France – what bliss!

Carpenter’s Quill – (I am not sure what your name is sorry…)an incredibly talented writer and poet etc….

The fortunate artist – who writes foto fables – a lovely idea and a great read (not sure of your name…)

Jennifer at The Writings of a Mrs – love her blog and the diversity of her posts

Merisi at Merisi’s Vienna for Beginners – her photography is something to behold

And one I have just discovered and loved :

The crazy, lovely funny girl at Girl on the Contrary – if you need to laugh this is the blog to follow.

Thank you again for the nomination and I hope all those listed here enjoy their nomination too, your blogs are well worthy of it!


Lorraine’s tips on how To Accept The Awards (thanks Lorraine)

For those of you who may not know how to accept these awards, what you have to do is

1. download the images of the awards by right-clicking on each image and saving it to your computer, which you will then upload to your post when you click on the “add media” button

2. Copy the rules the same way, and paste them into your new post

  1. Add links by highlighting the text you want your reader to click on, then use the “add link” icon to add the links to the blogs of your nominees (I think you all know how to do this step already)
  2. When your post has been published, copy its url and go to the site of the first person on your list. Leave a comment for that person, saying “I have nominated you for a blogging award, which you can read about and accept here:” and then paste your url into the comment.  BUT Before hitting “publish comment”, copy the entire comment (so that you don’t have to re-write the whole thing over and over) and then visit each of your other nominees and notify them by commenting on their sites simply by pasting your “copied” comment.

  3. If you have a computer mouse that has a “wheel” on it, pushing down on the wheel will open each link in a new tab. What I do is open each of my nominees’ links in a new tab/window on my computer and then, once I have notified them of their award, I simply close the tab. When all tabs are closed, I know my work is done!

This saves tons of time, and is the method in which I accept all of my awards. Call me smart, call me efficient, call me whatever you want, but this is the easiest way that I have found to do this! I have to thank my ex-boyfriend who is also my “computer guy” for teaching me this trick! (I told you before that I am non-technical, and I wasn’t kidding. I was so happy when he taught me this!)

I hope these instructional tips help!

Note: you all have my permission to copy these “tips” and include them in your posts, too! They may help the other bloggers you nominate! (Just copy and paste this entire section!)



    1. Thank you Lorraine – I could not have done it without your tips! You are a super helpful organised super sweet blogger!

      1. Merci beaucoup, Michelle! (That’s all the Francais I know!)

        I appreciate your gratitude!

  1. Hi! I am leaving this comment because I would like for you to update your post with the correct link to my blog. I am going to be deleting my old site (Lorraine Reguly’s Life) and so would really appreciate it if you could update your post with a link to Wording Well. This is my new site, and because I have moved my “old” post to my “new” site, you will be left with a broken link if you don’t change it. I don’t want this to happen! Besides, is still the same post it always was, but the domain name has changed. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to me. The internet is forever – or at least until we change things, so, please, can you change this for me? (Thanks!)

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