Lesson 5 Giving up control does not mean giving up

This is has been my mantra for the last few days. “giving up control does NOT mean you are giving up.” A very special woman reminded me of this. 

puzzle sky

God gives us a dream and we begin to walk the path towards the dream, we meet some small challenges along the way and we learn to push through them and to stay focused. Along the way, the challenges get tougher and the dream begins to look further from our reach than when we happily began. Doubts begin to crowd our once carefree thinking and our stress levels begin to climb. We begin to cling to the dream and the journey, we begin to lose sight of God in the journey and a large degree of the focus begins to shift to how ‘WE’ are going to get to the destination. All of a sudden our journey has shifted from “God direct my steps” to “God, this is where I want my steps to go, please can you make it happen.

underconstructionWhat has happened here? We have taken over control, we have begun to prescribe how we believe it should happen. I can actually imagine God looking at us and saying, “If you would just stop clinging and forcing the path you want to follow, you will actually see I have a lovely paved path right there. If you stop the striving you will see it.”

Now, this is what the mantra is about – God never gave us the dream to create a ‘clinging’ – He gave us the dream to fulfill purpose and build faith. Ultimately, when we stop fighting our way through toughest terrain and against the incessant winds we learn that moving with the wind may change our direction and lead us to a clearer path. This path also leads to the dream and is filled with God’s plans and His favour. I know this – God is never late or early – He is only ever on time! Nothing is ever by chance.

 On Friday I was talking to Him and saying, “But when God?” 

“When will it be our time?”

“Do we give up on this entirely or is it just that we are clinging too hard to it?”

 This is what I felt Him say back to me: 

“Was Noah too late when the rain began?”No

“Was he able to save the animals and his family” Yes

“Was Moses too late in asking Pharoah to set his people free?” No

“Was he successful in getting the Israelites out of Egypt?” Yes

Was I too late in delivering my promise of a child to Abraham and Sarah?” No

“Did he become the father of many nations as I promised?” Yes


 My verdict on all  of this – I am letting go and letting God. I realise that He is not a respecter of my reputation as the world sees it – He is far more interested in changing me than He is in changing my situation. No amount of striving is going to get us there sooner – God is not the ring master and I am not the lion jumping hoops. He just wants me to grow and to let Him do the rest.

I read an amazing book on dreams not too long ago by Bruce Wilkinson called “The Dream giver”. It really inspired me and gave me even more insight into the dream process.  Just whatever you do… give up… control that is…and let God. I am doing that today – letting go and letting God.

Rêve fort, mais laissez Dieu commander vos étapes. Dream strong, but let God order your steps.

 Thanks for reading.


© Michelle Moller

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