Lesson 1 Life lessons in any language start with bonjour

I never know how to start. No matter how the sentence begins I always find myself pressing the delete button more than anything else. I suppose that is very much like life. We deletewant to hit the delete button and we spend a great deal of our current reality wishing we could have some of our life experiences over, knowing what we know now. The delete button would mean you get to do it again and eliminate the things you have done or said that you really wish you hadn’t. If only it was possible to delete, we would spend our lives doing “do-over’s” and never quite living life. It would be a horrible mass of ‘do-overs’ and never actually moving forward.

it's okSo instead of living a life of regrets, I am attempting to be okay with what life us dealt me, the decisions I wish I had never made, the decisions I wish I had made, the opportunities I allowed to pass me by and even the attitude choices I have made a long the way. Someone once said to me that I should embrace all those moments, because if I regretted any of them I would almost be saying that the life lessons had no value. If I took away all the things that I have seen as a mistake on my part or a situation I could have done without, I am essentially saying they had no part in growing me and expanding my perspective.

So I am no longer regretting any of the past experiences, I am no longer say “if only”. I am saying, thank you God. Thank you for teaching me, growing me, moulding my thinking, broadening my perspective and giving me compassion for those who have lived through similar or worse experiences. Thank you that through the tough moments, you have always been there with me. Thank you that I am still standing, still smiling, still hopeful for what is to come. What a blessing!

So no more ‘delete’, only enter and thank goodness there is a tiny bit of leeway like a spell check before I actually press save…. this is my life. A lesson in French. I am not always sure of the phrasing or the pronunciation or the meaning of the words but I am convinced that the end result will be poetic, full of flavour, experience and wonder. Never dull, always challenging and fun.bonjour

This is me saying “bonjour” life, I am where I am and tomorrow I will be where God intends. I am intent on keeping it real but never accepting defeat or ‘delete’.

C’est la vie


© Michelle Moller





  1. Hi Mich! just going back to check out your early posts. Very thoughtful. I have to confess, you’re consistent in your message. I’m looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you Paul and I also have to say – thank you for making me think a little deeper – I really enjoyed your response 😉

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